Monday, 6 May 2013


This is the first post of many (that's a pretty scary thought). So i thought i would share a little bit about myself including what i do and what i like.

I thought i would give you 3 of my favorite things to do:

1. My love in life is coaching and fitness and pretty has been all my life from being in school i was always the girl that wanted to take part in every sport going and that developed in to me wanting to be a PE teacher/Coach. 

So from deciding what i wanted to be, came the chances of gaining experience to help get me somewhere close to my job choices. I've Volunteered at a bunch of events including the great north run (How people do that i will never know), Great North 10k, Local Heroes (Summer Festival) and a bunch of low key coaching events. 

Me & Greg Rutherford at the Great North run last summer
2. Travelling is another one of my favorite things to do with my spare time. This can be travelling within the UK or aboard. I've only been aboard a few time but hoping over the next 2 years to travel through Europe and spend some time in south Africa. The thought of spending time in another country and seeing the way other people lives is something i have always wanted to do. 

3. Cooking and Baking it is something I've always wanted to get better at and because i'm training to hopefully do the Great North 5k in the summer i have wanted to eat more healthy types of meals and this includes cooking and trying out new types of food. 

This blog will hopefully show you my training for the 5k as well as showing my life along with outfit posts, day in the life of a coach and recipes of meals that i will be trying out to live the healthy lifestyle. 

I hope you enjoy learning about me and i hope you like reading my blog on all things fitness and lifestyle.

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