Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Lifestyle: Them Goals You Need To Reach


We are getting well in to October and every month I try and give myself some goals for the months and I thought I would tell you about them goals.

Goal 1: Spending Ban
Every month I say i'm going on a spending ban but now that it is only 2/3 months til Christmas and I need money so that is what my spending ban is in aid for. The only things i should be spending money on is bus passes, lunch for work but that will hopefully be it. I'm going to try and keep you up dater every week or at least fortnightly.  

Goal 2: Gym 
Lately my gym sessions have be a bit here and there but I'm hoping to try and get there at least twice a week. I get my gym sessions free so I don't have to worry about my spending ban.

Goal 3: Blogging
I don't have any blogging pattern at the moment but I would at least like to try and blog twice a week but I would really like to do at least 3 this mainly depends on a number of things like work and life in general.

Well that is my goals for the month. I'll update you with how my goals go at the end of October.

Hope to see you soon.
Love Melissa xx

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