Sunday, 23 February 2014

Fitness: Couch to 5k: Week 3


What a week it has been if you follow me on twitter you might already know this but I injured myself. GREAT!! not i'm only on week 3 of my couch to 5k training and I've already injured myself how is this even possible. 

Basically I have injured my knee at first I thought it was shin splits because my body wasn't used to running outside but after a while I discovered that it was my knee and it was making it hard to walk let alone run. I had already injured my knee from a few years ago from falling off a trampoline and it had never been the same since.

I went to the doctors but they said I wouldn't be able to see a doctor for a week but a nurse had a quick look and basically said to rest for a week and see how it goes from there. 

This was not the news I needed to hear as both of my jobs (retail operative and sport coach) involve me walking and running. My retail job said that I could go in the fitting room meaning that they wasn't to much walking around to be done but my coaching job said I could sit or take 2 days off but I wasn't going to do that instead I did a lot of walking around while strapped my knee up. I wasn't letting my participants down it just meant that I had to change my session to suit my ability to move around the hall or pitch.

All of this meant that training was a big NO NO!! but I did keep on my feet which i can see people going crazy about I did do one day of full rest and the rest of the week I was going overboard so I think I've rested it to my best ability with my life still going on. I did have a rugby course on Friday which involved running but I kept it to the best of my ability and enjoyed it to much to sit down

My knee seems a lot better so tomorrow I'm planning on doing the sequence of week 2 and seeing how my knee holds up I know I should maybe give it another week of rest but I know if I do I'll find it harder to get back into the training and I don't want that at all.

How do you handle getting injured, what do you do instead?

Hopefully I'll be back next week with a full update of week 3.

See you soon
Love Melissa xx


Sunday, 16 February 2014

Fitness: Couch to 5k: Week 2

Well it is the end of week 2 of my couch to 5k training. 

Week 2 was a great week,I'm proud of the fact I did all 3 runs with 2 of them being on the treadmill and 1 being outside. This weeks involved me doing a brisk 5 minute walk and than going on to do a 90 second run and a 2 minute walk which then was alternated all the way through the run. 

Lets talk about my outside run first as this was my most recent run.
I felt that my outside run went good run unlike the week before when my outside run didn't feel to comfortable. I think this was all down not really knowing where I was going and not knowing what I was doing on the run.

 So this week Nicole joined me on this run as she is trying to get back into the gym and thought this might be a good way to boost her motivation which I think boosted my motivation to go for the run. We also brought Phoebe along again as she needed a good walk.  

The run had a slightly faster average pace which is good progress I think this was because Nicole likes to run slightly faster than I do so keeping up with her is important to me but making sure I'm not going to fast for my body. I felt really comfortable on this run, I didn't have as many layers of clothing on this week as it wasn't as cold. I think knowing what I was going to be doing through out the run and doing the activity twice before hand made me more aware of the pace I need to be doing the run. 

The duration of the run was 29 minutes but I stopped my run keeper app when all the running was done as my phone was dying. 

The route of my run plus the other details of the run.
The other two runs of the week were done on the treadmill, these again I think went really well. I think that doing the treadmill run lets me sort out my breathing properly so that when I do get outside I know how I should be breathing through out the run. On both times on the treadmill I walked at the speed of 6 and ran at the pace of 7.5. I changed this from the week before as I felt that the transition from walking to running on the treadmill was harder to control with that small change of speed. Running and walking at this pace made me feel comfortable and relaxed making it easier for me to do the activity. 

Well this is my week of couch to 5k. I'm hoping your enjoying reading these posts as i'm really enjoying writing them plus it's keeping me really motivated. 

Are you trying to do the same kind of thing or even a further type of race? If you are why not tell me about it I love hearing about peoples progress and how there doing. 

Hope to see you soon 
Love Melissa xx


Monday, 10 February 2014

Fitness: Motivational Monday: Couch to 5k

You can most likely tell from the blog title what this post is all about. 
I haven't done a motivational Monday in a while but instead of doing a normal kind of post I thought I would talk about my mission to be able to run 5k. If you have read my very first posts you will know that I'm not a very good runner at all and never have been. 

I'm using the app Change for Life: Couch to 5k to reach my goal. If you live in the UK you will know fine well what the change for life scheme is all about and this app is part of a large scheme to get people doing exercise and the app is free which is a bonus. 

Anyways on to my progress, I've done the first week of the training doing 2 days out of 3 as I didn't have time to do the 3rd within the week. The week was made up of runs that involved with a brisk 5 minute warm up walk, then you alternate between 1 minutes runs and 90 second walks at a brisk pace. The run is a total of 20 minutes not including you cool down. 

I did the first run on the treadmill at the gym and ran at the pace of 7 and walked at the pace 6.5 as I wasn't sure how I would do and thought this was a good starting point. 

The second run I did with my dog out on her walk as I knew she would be to run for a minute and walk for that amount of time that was needed. It was freezing so I was well wrapped up. The run felt a lot different compared to the first run I did earlier in the week, I don't know if it was because my pacing was different or because I hadn't ran outside for a long time. 

This was the route that we took the red arrow is where the run finished after the cool down. I used the app RunKeeper to record this as I always think it good to see the distance and the details of the race which the app does when your out there doing your stuff. I loved running this route as it was quiet and was totally new to me I had never seen it before. It was really close to my house so it's nice to have a close local route. 

I know this wasn't much of a motivational Monday post but it's me trying to motivate myself to keep going for 9 weeks to hit this mission.

Hope you enjoy reading this post
Thank you for reading
Love Melissa xx

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