Sunday, 9 March 2014

Fitness: Couch to 5k - Week 4 - Update!

Me at brathay and thinking about life and what I need to sort myself out.

Hey guys

I know it's been 2 weeks since I wrote about my coach to 5k training but if you read my last post about getting myself injured you will understand slightly . With long talks with a couple of my gym buddies it was thought that 2 to 3 weeks out would be the best idea and that's basically what I did. The knee has got better but I don't believe it back to 100% but a doctors appointment has been sorted for Friday coming and hopefully they can help me sort it out eventually. As well as getting injured I broke the screen on my phone which is in for repair for 3 weeks which means that I don't have a app to follow as my replacement phone is awful.  This is one of the main motivation that get me running so doing this without the app is going to be a challenge for myself. Last week I got the chance to go away to Brathay again and if you have followed my blog from the beginning you know that I love this place and normally go twice a year with Streetgames. This getting away from the city has certainly set something off in my head and i'm more determined than ever to get this 5k ran. Also one of the sessions I volunteered have organised for us to do the Race For Life which has given me even more of a push. 

So i'm back to training tomorrow first thing so I should have a proper coach to 5k training post for you. Hope you enjoyed my little update and understand whats been happening with my knee. 

Hope to see you 
love Melissa xx


Saturday, 8 March 2014

Lifestyle: International Women Day

Today is International Women's Day the day that every women feels proud of all their achievement throughout their lives and tries to tell the world that women need empowerment. 

This day is a world event with over 400 events being held in the UK alone. International Women's day is a important event for me as I work in a environment that is very male orientated. Even tho your thinking Melissa your a coach there is loads of women coaches but their is still a very small amount to men. To show you how small on my coaching degree there was around 60 students in my 3rd year and 6 or 7 were females. This is similar across a lot of colleges and degrees even tho more women are coming into the sporting world and I have coached with some amazing women there still isn't enough compared to men. 

A lot of organisations do festivals and one I love for empowering girls in sport is Street games there sister program Us Girls who are a charity say there goal is

'Us Girls - The programme increasing and sustaining women's sport participation in the most disadvantaged communities of England'

Us Girls created a festival today to celebrate and focus on the girls that they work with who are aged at 14-25 doing tons of sports and fitness activities.

Us girls is a great organisation and I wish I could have went to the event today but I have been to a few in the past but Us girls and Street games are all about empowering not just women but everyone that lives in deprived area and giving them the opportunities they wouldn't normally get. Street games and Us Girls have helped a lot of women and girls including myself helping me get on courses to develop myself as a coach. They also have given me the chance to go on a number of residential to Brathay to do a lot of personal  development meaning I've been able to get more confidence which is a major deal when your coaching. 

Me at brathay getting to do the leap of faith.

Well this post shows your the organisation that I love that promote and empower women and how they helped me throughout the years.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. 
See you soon 
Love Melissa xx

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