Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Fitness: Couch to 5k - Week 8

Hey Guys, 

I made it through a full week of new training program without getting injured or basically hurting myself. WOOP!! *pats myself on the back*

This weeks program was hard but got slightly easier by the 3rd run. This week I did 2 runs outside as it's starting to get back to nice weather. The final run I did was at the gym which I found harder to do than when I was running outside which is strange as it's normally the other way round. 

The run this week was 5 minute walk for the warm up, 3 minute run, 90 seconds walk, 5 minute run and 2 and half minutes walking and this was repeated twice. It works out that you run for about 16 minutes which I think is an achievement in itself. 

Below is the times and distance that I did, the finishing times are different because I cut the app at different points through out the cool down. 
The app that I use to track my runs is run keeper (Review coming soon). The pictures has the dates the wrong way round *palm to face*

These are the 3 main things I wanted to talk about:

1. Route Change: I had to change route for this run as my normal route just isn't longer enough anymore so this run included me having to run up hills which I've never really had to do as my normal route is just all flat so it challenged me even more. I felt that I really had to push my body for the last half of this workout but I didn't stop in the running sections which I'm really proud of myself of because I think it was the my 2nd run of the week I didn't feel good at all I was feeling sick but pushed through and I think I did well considering how I felt. 

2. Time: My main issue with running at the minute is finding time because at the minute I'm working two jobs which are either 8-5:30 or 12-8 so keeping to a routine is becoming hard.

3. Boredom: I'm around the half point now only going to start getting even harder and longer meaning that i'm getting slightly bored so if anyone have any tips that they can give me on not getting bored through out my run as that's becoming a thing at the minute. 

This week training should be hopefully up quicker than this one. 
Hope to see you 
Love Melissa xx

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