Monday, 12 May 2014

Motivational Monday: The Friendly Development Charity #Nomakeupmonday

The Friendly Development Charity Facebook Page
Hey guys,

This post is slightly different to my normal fitness post but I really wanted to do a post about this charity that I've heard about.

A about a month ago I did a Level 1 health improvements course for 2 days and it was a eye opening course. The course was ran by 2 amazing ladies 1 of them women being called Emma Oliver who works for the charity called 'The Friendly Development' Charity. The charity says that there mission is

'To see children, young people, adults and whole families lives impacted in a positive way 
through an increase in their confidence and self worth.'

With this mission they have they made the campaign beautiful is__ which has 4 aims and these are:

1.Challenge people to value others for more than their appearance

2. Empower people to feel confident with their own bodies

3. Send a strong message to media, fashion and advertisers that we want images that portray REAL life.

4.Challenge perception of what 'Beautiful is'

With these aims that they have they made the hashtag and campaign #Nomakeupmonday which they do  once a month and I decided that I had to get involved the rules were that you just had to wear no make up all day, put it on instagram or twitter and than us the #nomakeupmonday. Below is the picture that I put on instagram. Loads of people got involved and I felt that I was helping to get the aims of the charity across. 

I'm one of these people that doesn't really wear make up a lot because of my job so doing this was easy enough for myself to do but I know for some of the people that would have got involved it would have been a lot harder and I'm so proud of everyone that got involved as its showing other people that a little thing can make a big impact on someone lives. 

I wrote this post as The family development charity is doing something that I think is important for women to not have pressures to look a certain way and this charity does that.

I hope you liked reading  about this charity if you want to check out the The Family Developement Chairty Facebook page and their twitter page @friendlydevelop please do as I'm hoping you get on the back of this charity as I know for a lot of bloggers this can be something important to them.

I would love if you could give them some support as this is something that is close to my heart.

Hope to see you soon
Love Melissa xx

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