Tuesday, 23 December 2014

4 Things I Learnt in 2014

Hey Guys! 

If you have been reading my blog over the past year you will know that 2014 was the year that I learnt more about myself than I ever did while at school or university. Below I've talked about the 4 biggest things I learnt in 2014.  

1. 'When you let go of the past, something better comes along.' - Unknown

2014 started off in a bad way for me, 4 days after New Year I went through a break up that I wasn't expecting. Even thou now I know it was the best thing for us both at the time I didn't believe that. For a months after I pushed on with life and tired my hardest to keep life as normal as possible. Not telling people about the break up and acting like nothing really had changed in my life was my way of getting through it. After going away for 4 days with Street Games I learnt I couldn't keep going on the way I was, I needed to make myself feel better. So once I understood that things changed, I started changing little things in my life, spent more time with friends, did day trips with my sister and did a lot more volunteering with Street Games. 

Now I'm in a better place than I have ever been. I've moved on and learning that life is better when you let go of little things and try something new. 

2. 'We'll be friends forever, you wait and see' - Winnie The Pooh

What got me through the first months of 2014 was my friends. If I didn't have them I really don't know if I would be as happy as I am now. My two best girlfriends have been there for me through thick and thin. They have been there when I have needed to cry, rant or even when I just want to drink. The men in my life have been like big brothers to me, they have given me hugs and told me that life will be great and I just know what to say to me. 

I've made new friends this year and have friends all over the world which if you had asked me the question 'Do you believe you would have friends all over the world by the end of 2014?' the simple answer would have been not at all. Never in a million years did I believe I would be skyping people in America, chatting with people in New Zealand over Facebook. 

2014 was all about my friend and showed me that friends are the glue to keeping your life from falling apart.  

3. 'What will you do today that will make you proud in a year?' - Unknown

This time last year I did something I had always wanted to do and applied to go to camp in America. I never thought it was going to be as hard as it was. The whole progress was hard going through 5/6 interviews to finding the money to apply for it. In April 2014 I had a interview with an all girls camp called Lochearn Camp for Girls which is based in Vermont. I had always said I didn't really want to go to an all girl camp but when they offered me a place as a tennis coach, I snapped up the chance as I wasn't sure I would get a offer from somewhere else. On June 21st I got dropped off at Manchester Airport by my dad and that is when my summer began. I will never forget my summer at camp, I learnt a lot while out there and I think I learnt how to be independent and developed as a coach a lot. After spending 9 weeks at camp making some of the best friends I could ask for and meeting girls I think of as little sisters I headed with 4 of the girls from camp to start are New York Adventure. I had always dreamt of going to New York but never believed I would actually get there. 

I proved to myself that with a lot of hard work and faith in myself that I can do everything I dream of doing. 

                          4. 'Some of the best day of your life haven’t happened yet.' - Anne Frank

If I learnt anything from 2014 it was that looking towards the future and believing in yourself is the best thing you can do. I have never felt better about myself both in how I look and how I feel mentally. Even thou everyone goes through a lot of challenges I now believe that I can take any challenge that is handed to me and run with it. 

That is the 4 lessons I've learnt this year and 2015 looks to be bright year with jobs and massive volunteer opportunities being offered to me. With new people coming into my life all the time I'm really excited and can only hope for a year that can topped the last year. 

What lessons have you learn't this year? or What do you want to get out of 2015? Why not leave me a comment with your ideas. I'm hoping to get my 2015 goals up just before the New Year but you know me I'm not the best at this blogging thing. 

Speak to you soon
I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year.
Love Melissa xx

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