Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Polo: Street Games (Work Shirt)
Training Pants: Adidas
Trainers: Start Fitness Similar Here

This post is a carry on from last Monday's '8 Sporting/Fitness Staples'  which showed the first 3 staples in my fitness wardrobe. This post is more about my staples pieces for when I'm working as a activity instructor. 

I wear a lot more casual clothing when I'm coaching so lose bottoms and top. The items you see above are what I spend a lot of time in. I didn't show the top as its a branded work top as that's what I'm given as part of my uniform. 

Sp lets get on with the main 2 items I wear for coaching children in, these are a simple jumper, tracksuit bottoms and work t-shirt. 

Jumper: These are essentials in my wardrobe just because they are easy to throw on when you  don't know what the weather is doing. I find with this type of jumper it is also very versatile, I can put a work polo top underneath or I can wear my normal work round neck tops. I was sent this one from Buy T-shirts Online and it is really comfortable because the material is so soft and it's a good thickness. I find with this jumper that i'm able to wear it more in the spring weather. I have a similar one from Nike which I do really like but don't wear as much as it is a lot thicker and is defiantly more of a winter jumper. 

Training Pants: These are defiantly a staple in my coaching wardrobe because I find when I'm coaching that if i'm not comfortable in what i'm wearing than I don't enjoy my session. When I saw some of the young boys I work with wearing these Adidas training pants which are pictured in the pictures above, I had to have some. These training pants are maybe the most comfortable pants I have ever wore to coach in and that is saying something. In the Easter holidays I was coaching 9 til 3 most days and these pants were the great to wear. They are designed with strategic climacool ventilation which is good for keeping dry and cool, which is what you need when your running around with children all day. 

Well I hope you enjoyed the next part of my staples sessions. The next one will be about what I wear to run in and go to the gym. 

Comment below is you have any recommendations that you think I should have a look at or just tell me what your staples pieces are?

Speak to you soon 
Love Melissa xx


Monday, 20 April 2015

Fashion: 8 Sporting/Fitness Staples

Vest Top: Primark
Shorts: Under Armour
Shoes: Start Fitness 

Every person has there own staple pieces depending on there style. Some people have season staples like Spring and Winter. So why can't we have sport staples, anyone that does exercise will know that there is certain things you need or would like to have in your wardrobe. This post is going to talk about 3 out of 8 staples I have in my wardrobe. These 3 staples are very much my at home wear or summer running wear. 

1. Vests: These are defiantly my at home tops, I have a love/hate relationship with my upper body so normally prefer wear t-shirts but when i'm at home I will just wear a vest. I found with vests that there are good to just put under a jumper or a hoodie as there not as thick as workout tops. I have around 4 or 5 vest. The best ones I've found have been just from Primark nothing fancy, the one pictured above is from Primark and I've had it for about a year.

2. Shorts: I'm one of these people that is always cold so I hardly wear shorts but when I was in America last summer I discovered Under Armour and feel in love. I find shorts are incredibly handy items to have in your wardrobe, I wear them in the Summer when I'm coaching but as I live in Britain so I know what the weather can be like, so I always put them under some tracksuit bottoms. The thing I like about these shorts is the waste band, it's not one of them waist bands that digs into my hips. You can other brands of shorts I have some Nike ones which are similar but just different material. Shorts are just a great alternative to have in your wardrobe for them warmer days that are coming up or if you work out at home. 

3. Sport Bra: As a women, sport bra aren't just a staple there a necessity. I'm not a large chested lady but still always wear a sports bra. Finding one that supports you right is always important. I was find this plain black American Apparel from Buy T-shirts Online* extremely comfortable and I defiantly feel fully supported. I have a range of sport bras ranging from Nike, H&M, Sweaty Betty and Lululemon. Sports bras can cost a lot of money so I find shopping around is always good as you can find some cheaper alternatives.

That is the first 3 staples I have in my wardrobe. Why not leave me a comment telling me what you 3 staples are for working out at home are?

In my next post I'll be talking about my 2 coaching staples are. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you have enjoyed this post. 

See you soon
Love Melissa xx


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