Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Lifestyle: Hello November

Hey Guys,

So it's November, where did this year go! 

I think I've had the busiest Autumn I've ever had working all the hours I could work meaning that I haven't put a lot of time in to my blog. I've slowed down because of the Winter so thought I would start with some November goals to get myself back into the swing of it. I've made 5 simple goals for this month with the hope I can try and stick to them.

1.  Try and go for 1 run a week. (not including my normal work running sessions)
2. Try and cut down on fizzy pop and Lucazade.
3. Eat breakfast everyday.
4. Be more organised with both work and personal life.
5. Try Yoga at home to release stress.

All these goals are simple life changes I want to make to try and make full time, I bet your thinking Melissa these are simple changes why you making them goals but sometimes simple changes are the hardest changes to make. I'll keep updated with these goals. Hopefully i'll have some sort of positive outcome to tell you about. I'm looking forward to trying the yoga one out, this came after reading Vivianna Does Make Up November fitness files, I loved her passion for doing yoga at home. I've never been a lover of yoga but a lot of people I know have been using it to de-stress and that's what I need to do QUICK. 

I'll keep you updated on the progress of my goals. Hopefully I'll be able to stick these goals. 

Speak to you soon,
Love Melissa xx

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