Thursday, 24 December 2015

Lifestyle: Christmas Tag

Hey guys,

I saw this tag going around and thought I would do it as it’s Christmas Eve and I wanted to get slightly more in the Christmas spirit. 

Here we go.

1. What is your favourite Christmas movie/s?

There is just too many to choose from but it would definitely be Santa Claus: The Movie and Muppet Christmas Carol. I know every word to the Muppet Christmas Carol and it doesn't feel like Christmas until I've watched both of these films. 

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?

Christmas morning always, we always get one present on Christmas Eve though, which is always PJs because we have to them wear on Christmas Eve! I think it is one of those traditions that a lot of people have and it's one I really love.

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

I think every year is my favourite year when it comes to Christmas but last year I did have an early Christmas with my god daughter and best friends’ sister. Seeing their faces always makes me happy. I can't wait to have nieces and nephews to see their faces too and be all excited about Santa.

4. Favourite festive food?

I love Christmas dinner but for me it’s the buffet on the evening. I'm one of them people that loves just picking at food; I'm the worst person at parties.

5. Favourite Christmas gift?

I received a Cambridge Satchel in 2014 and I'm still in love with it to this day but I'm a sucker for personalized present so when my mam gets me anything with photos in I love it. 

6. Favourite Christmas scent?

I don't really have a favourite scent but I love the smell of Christmas Dinner on Christmas Day. 

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

I kind of mentioned it above but getting a pair of PJs and socks. This year I went to a family carol service at my local church. I really want to go every year but we will have to see how it goes. 

8. What tops your tree?

Always a star.

9. What’s the best part about Christmas for you?

Seeing my family happy; I think this is the only time of year we don't argue about anything. I do like the television on Christmas day, I'm so sad about Downton Abbey finishing I think I’ll cry like a baby. 

Well that is the end of the tag, I hope you enjoy it and have a great Christmas. 

Hope to hear from you soon
Love Melissa


Monday, 21 December 2015

Fitness: Last Run of the Year.

Well, I've done my last run of the year. GO ME! If you had asked me this time last year if I would be able to do as much running as I do now I would have laughed in your face. This blog post is looking back on my small running achievement I've made this year.

When I look back I've achieved a lot more than I ever thought I would. Here is a list of the small and big running achievement I've made this year.

1. Boxing Day 2014 signed up to run the Great North Run for the Guide Dogs UK
2. New Years day ran my first full mile.
3. February I ran my first 3 miles in 41 minutes.
4.  July ran 3 times in one week.
5. August ran my furtherest ever run alone of 7 miles in 1 hour and 30 minutes
6. Started volunteering with Active Newcastle at there running clubs
7. September I ran THE GREAT RUN which is 13.1 miles in 2 hours and 50 minutes. Also raising £175 for Guide Dogs ( ONE OF MY GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT TO DATE)
8. December I did my Running Leadership course meaning that I can now official run my own running club.
9.  Through working with Active Newcastle I was able to helped 10 people do a full 10 week beginners running program meaning that they were able to run 3 miles at the end of the 10 weeks.
10. I've ran once a week every week for 5 months.

Can we please talk about how crazy that list is. It shocks me to see my own improvement let alone helping other people get into running. I've had massive ups and downs when it comes to running. Me and running had a love hate relationship but now I think it's more of a love relationship.

I've got a blog post going up soon about what I think about alone running vs group running and the difference it made to my running journey. Why not leave me a comment about what your biggest achievement of the year has been.

Hope to hear from you soon
Love Melissa

Monday, 7 December 2015

Fitness: Fitness Gift Guide: UNDER £10

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Hey guys,

I thought I would do a little fitness gift guide. I'm not huge Christmas fan but I do like gift giving. I can never afford to spend tonnes of money at Christmas so I always try and find gift that a person actually really wants or needs. 

The items I've put on this list are items that I would love for Christmas either in my stocking or as a present.

1. Mpow Running Sport Sweatproof Armband + Key Holder - £6.99 (In Sale)

I am remember when I got my first arm band when I started running and OMG it saved my life and my phone screen. I like the Mpow band because it is has a special sweatproof material band and they have added a velcro piece that stops sweat and moisture getting inside the band to your moblie which is essential in the British weather. It has a clear front which I like as it means if your using it out and about you can see your mileage or speed without having to pull it out to check it. The armband is made for a number of phone models so it is defiantly a good option to have a look into.

2. Spikey Massage Ball - 7 cm = £3.84

I think a Massage ball is a good stocking filler for people who have the new year running bug. I was given one of these from a lady that does my massages and it has really changed my life. These balls are great if your prone to tight and uncomfortable muscle as these little things are great at releasing that tension. It is available in 2 sizes I prefer the 7 cm as it great for getting right into the muscle.

3. NYKKOLA Sports Cup Water Fruit Infuser Bottle = £3.99

I think this type of water bottle defiantly became a bigger thing in 2015. I've even asked for one of these for Christmas, the point of this bottle is that you are able to put in fruit, vegetable and natural ingredients and flavor you water without bits of ingredients being left in your drink. With this bottle you are able to take out the infuser and make it just a water bottle if you prefer it that way. I like putting lemon in my water and it also has helped me to drink more water. The price is pretty low so the quality wont be amazing but I think if you are just using it as a simple water bottle to take to work or to the gym I think it would be great choice. The bottle does come in a million and one colours which I love as it means you can get something slightly more different from your typical black and white water bottle.

4. MiraFit 15mm Extra Thick Excercise Floor Mat = £9.99

Mats are always a great present for any type of fitness freak like myself. The reason I chose the Mirafit out of every other brand out there is because it is extra think, I've had a number of mats in the past that are just to thin and move around a lot. This mat is 15mm thick meaning it will be comfortable on your feet and hands if you do yoga and won't slide around when your jumping around doing burpees. It comes in 3 colours and comes with a strap (LIFE SAVER) which is great for taking to classes or even to take camping.

5. Fitness Mad Neo Dumbbell - £3.99 for a pair of 0.5kg

Dumbbell are dumbbells at the end of the day we all know what there for. The reason I've put this in my gift guide is for people that you know that might be scared a of weights. I have had many female friends in the past that hated the thought of lifting weights so I mentioned using really light weights just so they could get used to the thought of lifting weights now they lift weights like there is no tomorrow. If you know anyone that might have had an upper body injury this might be a good gift for them to get back into working out. Dumbbells are always a great present just make sure you don't get a weight that is to heavy for the person your buying.

What do you guys think of this gift guide. Tell me below if you would buy any of these items for your family members or friends defiantly tell me below. Why not tell me other items that are under £10 which you think I should add to my list.

I hope you enjoy reading this post and it's given you some last minute ideas.
Hope to see soon.
Love Melissa

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