Monday, 1 February 2016

Lifestyle: January Favourites

Photo taken by Nicole Marshall

Hey Guys,

I’ve never posted a favourites post on my blog before so I thought I'd give it a try and tell you about my favourite fitness things in the month of January. These things are a random mix of favourite workouts, music and food.

1: Pure Gym – I joined a new gym in January after the prices rocketed at my local gym. My sister had been talking about going to a new gym in the centre of Newcastle, which is a more convenient location for work etc. There were two we considered joining, the first of which was Pure Gym and the second The Gym. While both were the same price, we had heard more about Pure Gym (there are three in the city!) and decided to give that one a go. We filled our memberships in online and they came to £25.99 including a £15 joining fee. It's normally only £10.99 a month, including all the classes - you can’t go wrong with that. The gym has three floors filled with everything all sorts of equipment. I’m going to be doing a full blog post on it in early February, in case you’re interested in finding out more.

2: HIIT Workouts – If you don’t know what HIIT workouts are, the name stands for High-Intensity Interval Training and it's a type of workout that has become very popular recently. The workout is based on alternating between high anaerobic activities and slow recovery. My favourites can all been found on Pinterest; however, I recently found a couple I like from the Lean in 15 recipe and exercise book I recently bought. I will be reviewing it in full once I’ve had a go at a few of recipes.

3: Breakfast cereal bars – I’ve never been a morning person and definitely not a breakfast person. This year I wanted to change that since I’m doing a lot more hours at my coaching job and I don’t want to be rushing around on an empty stomach. Let’s just say becoming a morning person is a lot harder than it looks! I have been trying to have breakfast but time has not been a good friend; however, I have found that having breakfast on the go is something I like and can do. That is where cereal bars have come in handy - I’ve even put a box of them on my desk as a snack through the day instead of reaching for chocolate.

4: French braids – I had a lot of time on my hands over Christmas as I wasn't working very much as a coach. I have always been able to do French braids in other people’s hair but thought they were too hard to do on my own. That is no longer the case, as I can now do either one in my hair or two smaller ones. My hair is loving not being heated everyday! The only issue I have is that my ends always look a little bit too dry so if you have anything that you know works for dry hair please leave it in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed my favourites, why not tell me what your favourites are for this month.

Hope to hear from you soon
Love Melissa
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